The Monthly Cache

A monthly collection of links that I've found to be interesting and worthwhile to read, watch, or listen. Articles, photographs, software, music, etc.

Cache for June 2021

  • An essential reading list curated by Brandon Rhodes (still under construction).
  • Interesting read for anyone working with any kind of data, about what data ca or can't do. Numbers don’t lie, except when they do..
  • A set of lectures covering topics related to computing that is left to learn by the student in a standard CS study. Useful also for non-CS people.
  • Entertaining talk about usability and the oddities of character encodings.
  • A long piece on technology, policy, and democracy.

Cache for May 2021

Quite some Rust this week. As a self-taught programmer, and mostly experienced in Python, I find Rust a very interesting language. Furthermore two articles more towards my past self: photography, and network science.

  • Insightful analysis on social norms involving the nature of Open Source work.
  • One of the best explanations on the distinction between String and &str in Rust, extremely empathic in it's tone. I really like when articles manage to compare things across languages. Bonus: A more extensive and fun read on memory management between C adn Rust very much centered around strings.
  • Some more Rust, learning it the dangerous way via porting a C application. Very good read, very instructive, and very detailed.
  • A long piece on computational photography. After reading this, I started to respect cellphone cameras/photography and their improvement over time.
  • Science divulgation article on how propagation works in networks. Quite nice animated visualizations.

Cache for April 2021

This month, quite sided towards git topics. I guess it's correlated with my intention to improve my use of git as a tool.