(Re) Kickstart

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After a long hiatus (where I had a son, went through a pandemic [which is still going], and changed job), I plan to restart my blog.

Since I kind of lost the setup for my previous blog based on Pelican, and I don't want to set up it again, I decided to explore another static site generator. The contenders were Hugo and zola, and I settled with zola. I'm still getting used to the change and "fighting" with the template I've chosen, but overall I'm satisfied with the change. One thing that's great with the current template (DeepThought), is that I get dark mode out of the box. Now I even ventured and got to modify and extend a few elements of the template.

Furthermore, I decided to use Netlify to host my blog. My current experience of setting it up there has been great so far! 100% recommended. In the future I'll explore setting a nice workflow.

One thing I'll attempt is to be more mindful about privacy. This will be an interesting challenge, since it means that I won't be using Google for tracking visitors to get some statistics and use something like Plausible instead. Also, it will also mean that most likely I won't be using embedded YouTube videos or Twitter tweets as they insert their own trackers (AFAIK). Also, maybe won't be using Disqus to enable comments as it has it's privacy issues (slightly dated but I doubt much has changed). Although maybe I don't want comments at all, the whole social aspects is overrated. And if I deem it necessary or worthy, maybe I'll pay for a decent privacy minded system like Hyvor Talk, use something like remark42, or see how to do it on my own (highly unlikely).

The short backlog of posts are reimported without modifications respecting their original publication date.

I have plenty of ideas to write about, things to share like cool podcasts or newsletters (content or link-aggregators types). I just have to dare to write and to publish it even if I'm not 100% satisfied.